eCharge4Drivers is an EU supported Horizon 2020 project deployed by a consortium of 32 partners developing and demonstrating user-friendly charging stations and innovative charging solutions which place user needs and demands at the core. As electric charging infrastructure becomes an increasingly central part of urban and interurban mobility, collaboration between public and private actors is key and will undoubtedly help drive progress.

eCharge4Drivers is establishing an Observer Group that will consist of relevant electromobility stakeholders. This group is designed to exchange knowledge and to benefit from interactive workshops, technical visits and trainings. These activities are aimed at enhancing the replication potential of the demonstrated solutions.

Why join?

The Observer Group is a unique opportunity for both public and private sector actors involved in electric charging infrastructure activities to learn from their peers who lead this transformation in Europe and to gain valuable insights from the demonstration sites.

A pool of frontrunners will be brought together in a separate group. This group will enlarge the assessment and validation of the project’s concept and results. In addition, these experts will feed the Observer Group and participate actively to the activities of the Observer Group.

eCharge4Drivers has a dedicated budget for Observer Group, and participants will be reimbursed for their travel/accommodation expenses.

Who can join? How to apply?

Are you representative of one of the following private or public actors: Local/Regional Authority; Vehicle Manufacturer; Charging Point Operator; Charging Service Provider; Electricity Grid Actor; Electromobility Service Provider; Specialized SME; Technology Provider?

In this case we look forward to welcoming you onboard! Apply by completing the form here! Deadline for applications: 15 January 2021.

Group members will:

  • Engage in workshops facilitating knowledge sharing and capacity building amongst participants;
  • Engage in technical visits to demonstration sites.
  • Give customised feedback on the potential replicability of the innovative products, services and solutions developed within the project.
  • Be integrated into the eCharge4Drivers database to stay informed of studies being conducted on EV charging services. For example, eCharge4Drivers’ upcoming survey on user patterns and demands
  • Be invited to take part in dissemination events and activities organized by the project. This is a chance to network with other public and private stakeholders across the industry.
  • Receive direct access to information on the non-confidential results from pilots being conducted across European cities and regions, hearing about the challenges and successes.