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Deliverable 1

Deliverable 1


Demo sites videos

Berlin: Battery Swapping
Barcelona: Battery swapping
Route planner
Real-time navigation
Turkey: Enhanced booking service
Grenoble: Smart charging
Luxembourg: Smart charging
Zellik: Smart charging/microgrid service
Charging points location planning tool

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Download and print the eCharge4Drivers brochure.

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Improving the EV charging experience within cities and for longer trips

An overview of eCharge4Drivers presented at the EV Charging Infrastructure and Technology Expo.

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e-driver, what about your charging infrastructure?

Poster presentation of eCharge4Drivers at the Transport Research Arena 2022.

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eCharge4Drivers at Autonomy event 2021

How can this improve the experience of current and future EV drivers? And what is the response of charging operators and parking managers? Join us to hear and find it out! 

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In the media

Zorlu Enerji “eCharge4Drivers” projesi kapsamında AB’den hibe desteği alacak

Sirket Haberleri

Zorlu Enerji, dahil olduğu”eCharge4Drivers” projesi ile Horizon 2020 çerçeve programı kapsamında Avrupa Birliği (AB) tarafından hibe desteği alacak.

Zorlu Enerji, Horizon 2020 kapsamında “eCharge4Drivers” projesi ilebhibe desteği aldı

Iste Gucumuz

Şirketten yapılan açıklamaya göre; Zorlu Enerji, elektrikli otomobil şarj istasyonları ağı Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES) ve…

Accelerating the uptake of Electric Vehicles in Europe

ERTICO Activities

According to the European Environmental Agency, just in 2016 road transport was responsible for almost 72% …

eCharge4Drivers – βελτιώνοντας τη φόρτιση των ηλεκτρικών οχημάτων…


Πώς μπορεί να γίνει απλούστερη η διαδικασία φόρτισης των ηλεκτρικών οχημάτων

Improving EV charging


Improving EV charging experience to speed up electric mobility revolution. New eCharge4Drivers project will enhance EV user experience at electric vehicle charging stations…

Στο «τιμόνι» του ευρωπαϊκού έργου για την ηλεκτροκίνηση eCharge4Drivers το ΕΠΙΣΕΥ του ΕΜΠ


ην απάντηση στο πώς μπορεί να γίνει απλούστερη η …

New eCharge4Drivers Program Aims to Boost EV Adoption in Europe

EE Power

A European Union-funded program involving organizations in 11 countries aims to study the infrastructure and user-experience improvements needed to simplify the mobile charging process for…

How POLIS contributes in paving the way for future mobility

Smart Cities Marketplace

The recently launched project eCharge4Drivers, where POLIS has an active role, focuses on charging experiences in urban areas and interurban corridors and will demonstrate additional…

The NTUA coordinates a European project for the charging of electric cars


The simplification of the charging process for electric vehicles is the goal of the new four-year European project eCharge4Drivers, which started today with its first…

NTUA Research Institute Coordinates European Project That Improves Charging of Electric Vehicles


TECharge4Drivers, funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program, has a budget of € 14.4 million…

The new European project eCharge4Drivers that improves the charging of electric vehicles, coordinates the NTUA of NTUA


The project will showcase new fast charging stations for electric passenger cars and…

New recommendations for developing electric charging infrastructure


Cities such as POLIS members, Madrid and Amsterdam have set out new electric charging strategies, while Ile-de-France has established a digital platform for….

ITS HELLAS contributes to the transition to a new era in Transport

Researchers at EPISEV presented the main research areas related to…

Zorlu Enerji “eCharge4Drivers” projesi kapsamında AB’den hibe desteği alacak

Zorlu Enerji, dahil olduğu”eCharge4Drivers” projesi ile Horizon 2020 çerçeve programı kapsamında Avrupa Birliği (AB) tarafından hibe desteği alacak.

New £17m project aims to improve EV charging

Talking retail

A new £17m research project, eCharge4Drivers, has been launched to improve charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs).

University of Sussex joins European research project to increase take-up of EVs

future Net Zero

Can the experience of an electric vehicle (EV) driver pose a barrier to the uptake of the EV market? This is one of the questions an innovative £17 million project…

Il progetto eCharge4Drivers mostra ai consumatori l’infrastruttura di ricarica veicoli elettrici

Electric Motor News

Il progetto eCharge4Drivers fa parte del programma “Low Carbon Green Vehicles” “Infrastruttura di ricarica incentrata sull’utente” e ABB collaborerà ad esso.

Zorlu Energy received another grant support with the “eCharge4Drivers” project within the scope of Horizon 2020


The eCharge4Drivers project brings together 32 key electromobility actors in Europe to develop…

EU support for the eCharge4Drivers project

Enerji Gunlugu

Click here to read the article.

Horizon Europe awaits projects that will build the innovative future

7 Sabah

The European Union’s 9th Framework Program Horizon Europe provides 95.5 billion Euros of grant support in order to focus on innovation and shed light on the future.

New Mobility EU Pilotprojekt startet mit SWOBBEE & URBAN DRIVESTYLE in Berlin


Der E-Bike-Hersteller URBAN DRIVESTYLE und das Berliner GreenTech-Startup SWOBBEE kündigen eine Partnerschaft an und launchen ein innovatives Wechselakku-Abo-Modell für die Utility-E-Bikes von URBAN DRIVESTYLE in Berlin.