eCharge4Drivers is calling for participants to complete a short questionnaire on electric vehicle (EV) use and charging.  

The survey, which explores EV driving behaviours and opinions on charging infrastructure has been extended to 12 February 2021.

The survey is open to taxi drivers, private users (both EV users and non-EV users) and logistics services in Austria, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, France, Luxembourg, Turkey or Belgium, seeking to understand more about charging behaviours and required changes to existing infrastructure.

The project is developing and demonstrating in 11 areas, including metropolitan areas and TEN-T corridors. Various types of charging station will be used and will offer various direct payment methods and bigger user-friendly displays.

The survey will contribute to the research on smart mobility and help the project to design new, more convenient charging systems across Europe, improving EV charging experiences in urban areas and on interurban corridors, making it more convenient for users to go green.

The questionnaire takes between 15-20 minutes to complete and is available here.