eCharge4Drivers’ scope is to design, develop, and demonstrate user-friendly charging solutions with the goal to improve user experience and help generate a wide deployment.

Strategic objectives:

  1. Understand the user needs by collecting preferences and concerts from both EV and non-EV drivers.
  2. Develop user friendly charging tech and services.
  3. Unlock business opportunities by providing smart charging strategies.
  4. Enable interoperability and end-to-end communication, based on open and international standards, while ensuring privacy and safety
  5. Accelerate the deployment of charging infrastructure and other charging services.

An External Interest Group (EIG) will provide feedback throughout the project. This group will have two sub-groups namely: The User Reference Group and  the Observer Group of Followers, but both will provide feedback based on the topical and geographical focus of experts and projects and will be referred to as the “External Interest Group”. The EIG is composed of all aspects of the sector (vehicle manufacturers, electromobility service providers, etc.).

ECharge4Drivers will provide the EIG firsthand information and data (non-confidential data), invitation to workshops organized by the consortium members as well as the opportunity to visit the demo sites of the projects. The members will be invited based on their topics of interest and they will provide their expertise, through valuable inputs and validation of results and share the challenges and solutions they have faced.

A total of 8 workshops will be held with 6 of them between second half of 2022 and 2023, by which time the demonstration sites will be operating and ready to test. The two final workshops will take place at the end of the project towards the end of 2023.