Zorlu Enerji, operating under its brand ZES, assumes a pivotal role in the eCharge4Drivers project, spearheading the development and integration of essential services encompassing both front-end and back-end aspects, as well as leading demonstration activities throughout Turkey.

In the bustling heart of Istanbul and Western Turkey, where traffic congestion mixes with the promise of a greener future, Zorlu Enerji’s ZES brand is proving to be a beacon of innovation. ZES is on a mission to revolutionise electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure and is rising to the challenge by linking front-end advancements and back-end integrations to pave the way for seamless journeys. As part of eCharge4Drivers, ZES is working on the implementation of Plug & Charge, the integration of route planners and the improvement of booking services, to respond to the urgent needs of today and anticipate the requirements of tomorrow. As the Istanbul skyline and mobility in the country evolves, so does ZES, shaping a landscape where electric mobility thrives, charging stations are plentiful and the path to the future is as accessible as it is sustainable.

As part of the project and the activities in the Turkish demonstration site, ZES is working on incorporating ISO 15118 Plug&Charge functionality into its back-end system, showcasing Plug&Charge capabilities at designated charging stations developed specifically for the project in Türkiye. The demonstrations of the Plug&Charge functionality will use ABB wallbox chargers. In addition, ZES will integrate the Route220 Route Planner, showcasing its capabilities for easier long-distance trips across the ZES network, encompassing various types of EVs, including private, shared, and rental vehicles.Formun Üstü

ZES also introduced innovative enhancements to its existing booking service and contributed to the creation of an enhanced route planner within the project framework. Through new features and advancements in the front-end interface, EV users are provided with comprehensive information before, during, and after charging sessions. The enhanced reservation system enables EV drivers to ensure that the charging connector in a specific location will be available and reserved for them when they arrive. EV drivers can search a charging location, see all charging stations within an area, see the real-time status and reserve any connector. Users can also remotely control and manage reservations before the reservation time, which ensures direct access to the charging station and a hassle-free EV journey.

Enhanced reservation makes the EV experience easier and more comfortable as drivers can easily select a location on the map, see each station’s details and reserve it in a few clicks. After finding the reserved station, users only need to plug their car into the connector and start charging accordingly. The details regarding the reservation are available once the reservation is confirmed. Users can also easily add the reservation to their phone calendar and receive notifications to remind them of the reservation. In addition, CarPlay integration also makes the process more convenient and easier as it lets EV drivers manage their reservations through their car dashboard/screen. Users can easily reserve a specific connector by clicking on a charging location, choosing a connector, and reserving predefined time slots.

Overall, the enhanced reservation system brings the following benefits:

  • Reduced times waiting in queue by allowing EV drivers to book a charging connector at a specific location, making the EV journey smoother and more efficient.
  • Enhanced driver experience with more planned and hassle-free EV journeys by ensuring the availability of a connector upon arrival.
  • Enhanced comfort and convenience thanks to a simplified reservation process and charging experience, making EV charging more convenient and predictable.
  • Balanced charger use by enabling EV drivers to charge from more convenient charging stations, reducing congestion at popular locations and optimizing the use of the available infrastructure.
  • More EV charging app usage and satisfaction and more convenience with CarPlay integration, helping the adoption of sustainable transportation options and encouraging EV ownership.