Bari (IT)

The Metropolitan City of Bari is a large area of the Apulia region, on the Adriatic Sea, in South of Italy. It has a population of about 1.26 million inhabitants. The port of Bari is the largest port for passenger traffic of the Adriatic Sea and attracts a lot of visitors: in 2014 it received 561.602 passengers of cruise ships. Bari is along the “Scandinavian-Mediterranean” TEN T Corridor.

The Metropolitan City of Bari is included in a project co-funded by Bank European of Investment that estimates the installation of 14,000 new charging points in the next five years in Italy. In the framework of this project, 20-40 charging stations will be installed in Bari in 2019 and an additional project promoted by Metropolitan City of Bari will provide more charging stations in the city. The services by Route220 to find a charging station and pay cover the area.

Partners involved: POLIBA, Route220, ABB (supported by Comune di Bari and Citta’ Metropolitana di Bari)

Current problems related to charging in the area

Charging stations are not efficiently used. Fast charging systems are not widespread. There is lack of knowledge on charging procedures and a lack of suitable payment systems.

Short description of planned demonstrations

  • IUser-friendly charging stations for passenger vehicles and L3e vehicles by ABB
  • Enhanced route planner
  • Enhanced booking service
  • Enhanced information provision during charging
  • New tariff schemes, including night tariffs, and incentives and ICT platform for incentives