Greece covers 131.957 km² and its population in 2017 was 10.77 million. Tourist arrivals are rising reaching an alltime high of 3.8 million in July 2018. The Orient – East Med TEN-T corridor crosses the country.

Around 1,000 EVs are in circulation in Greece, but the number is expected to increase. EV car sharing services will start operating in summer on two Greek islands. BFS has installed 12 fast charging stations in petrol stations along major Greek highways and plans to expand their network.

Current problems related to charging in the area

Limited information about the availability of the charging stations is available. Paying for energy is not possible and how a tariff should be designed is not yet clear.

Short description of planned demonstrations

  • Implementation of the ISO 15118 Plug & Charge feature in the BFS back-end as regards fast charging stations and upgrade of 2 charging stations interfaces by ABB
  • Enhanced route planners
  • Enhanced booking service
  • Enhanced information provision during charging