eCharge4Drivers left a lasting impression at this year’s annual POLIS Conference in Leuven. The project not only had a dedicated presence at the POLIS stand but also took center stage in a captivating parallel session titled “Embracing the SCALE: Accelerating the growth of e-mobility.”

This year’s POLIS Annual Conference, a noteworthy event organised by our partner POLIS, served as a unique platform for cities, regions, and projects to showcase their advancements in transportation to a diverse audience of mobility experts, practitioners, and influential decision-makers from both the public and private sectors.

During the first part of the session, dedicated to city-led innovations, Angel Lopez Rodriguez, the General Mobility Coordinator at Barcelona City Council, took the stage to introduce the eCharge4Drivers project. The presentation, remarkably comprehensive, zeroed in on the intricacies of the Barcelona case, covering a spectrum of topics, including, among others:

  • Municipal public parking lots: Exploring the city’s approach to public parking facilities.
  • Deplyoment of the city charging network: Unveiling the comprehensive network of charging stations throughout the city.
  • The city’s strategy to boost e-mobility (2018-2024): Delving into the overarching plan to propel electric mobility in Barcelona over a six-year span.

The Catalonian capital serves as a pivotal demonstration site for eCharge4Drivers, with the collaboration of several project partners: Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, Mosaic Factor, CEA, IDIADA, ABB, SILENCE and Volvo Cars. Angel Lopez Rodriguez highlighted some of the planned demonstrations, including:

  • Network of battery-swapping stations for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs): A revolutionary approach to fast and convenient charging infrastructure for LEVs.
  • Implementation of smart charging functionalities: Incorporating cutting-edge technology to enhance the charging experience.
  • Enhanced booking service and route planner: An innovative tool designed to significantly improve the user experience of EV drivers.

And these are just a glimpse of the exciting initiatives underway in Barcelona as part of the project!

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