eCharge4Drivers partners SMATRICS and VERBUND are the driving forces behind the project’s demonstration activities in Austria. They are successfully implementing new charging and payment solutions for electric vehicle users, including Online Direct Payment, Plug&Charge, and the Micro Grid Management System, which make the use of an electric vehicle more convenient for users and help the deployment of electric mobility in Europe. Find out more about the latest project developments in Austria!

Online Direct Payment

SMATRICS introduced a new payment solution to charge an electric vehicle on an ad-hoc basis without the necessity of having a permanent contract, making it easier for the users.

Thanks to the Online Direct Payment feature, users can easily charge as guests by either scanning a QR code directly at the charging station, or choosing a specific charge point on the SMATRICS charging map.

This feature is also available for multiple SMATRICS B2B customers on managed infrastructure.


Although it is an important step towards a user-friendly EV charging experience, the Plug&Charge technology is complex and involves many actors across various areas of the e-mobility ecosystem – from car Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Charge Point Operators (CPOs), eMobility Service Providers (eMSPs) and charge point manufacturers to e-roaming platforms and many others.

To gain more experience with the operation of Plug&Charge, SMATRICS has already enabled this authorisation feature on a limited group of charging stations and plans roll-out to SMATRICS EnBW and partner networks.

On top of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), RemoteStart and Autocharge, Plug&Charge is the next authorisation method that represents another step towards a more user-friendly charging experience provided by CPOs.

eCharge4Drivers recently hosted a workshop about Plug&Charge technology. You can read more here.

Micro Grid Management System

The showcase site of SMATRICS and VERBUND has been equipped with a battery energy storage system as part of the CEF-Study SYNERG-E. The system includes an additional communication link between the charger and the micro grid controller.

VERBUND will upgrade the micro grid management system currently deployed at a high-performance charger-location of SMATRICS, which will allow the dynamic allocation of power from the stationary storage system, offering enhances services for e-drivers.

“The mobility of tomorrow will be as easy-to-use, safe and user-friendly as it will be highly efficient and sustainable. We are proud to have achieved the next important steps on our common journey towards these important goals. With the successful deployment of convenient payment methods like Online Direct Payment, as well as lightning-fast and secure authorisation methods like Plug&Charge, SMATRICS is once again among the forerunners of innovative e-mobility solutions. Together with our strong partner VERBUND and the new Micro Grid Management System, we are also pushing the technological boundaries of communication between e-vehicles, storage systems and energy grids to provide e-drivers with the best services and solutions for their daily mobility.” Hauke Hinrichs, CEO of SMATRICS