On 28 June eCharge4Drivers partner B:SM hosted the 6th plenary meeting of the eCharge4Drivers project in Barcelona, one of the project’s pilot sites. The meeting set the stage for constructive discussions among all partners on the project’s ongoing and upcoming demonstrations.

The plenary meeting focused on the demonstrations of the user-friendly EV charging tools and services implemented in the different pilot sites of the project in Europe. The demonstrations, which include smart charging, booking services, and battery swapping stations, all aim to enhance the appeal and convenience of EV charging.

The partners had the opportunity to look back at the project’s recent achievements and acknowledge the progress made so far to reach the project’s objectives and achieve cleaner mobility. The meeting also served as a platform to outline the strategic steps to be taken ahead of the last phase of the project in order to ensure a successful continuation of the project activities.


Following the plenary meeting, a highly productive and successful workshop of the External Interest Group was held the next day. Project partners and members of the External Interest Group dived deeper into the innovative solutions developed and demonstrated in Barcelona. Read more here.

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